The company offers a full cycle production of plastic and rubber products from design engineering of tooling equipment (injection mold-die) till injection of the plastic products. It will be done with customer die and material or with ours.

„Dany & Simo“ Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of small, medium-sizes, high-precision, surface-critical injection forming components. We offer a wide range of components for light and textile industries. At the moment we are equipped with 25 fully automated injection machines, working range from 15 gr to 500 gr and pressing force between 350 kN and 3000 kN.
The products, we are manufacturing, are made of high quality design materials, following the latest market news.
Our activity includes a polymer proceeding and products manufacturing: 
– injection molding of plastic products with customer mould/die;
– injection molding with customer materials (plastic);
– on customer request (and in collaboration with the them) we organize moulds/dies development and production;
– injection molding of plastic products with our material – ABS, PA, PP, PS and others.